If you are thinking about seeking business opportunities in Japan, our comprehensive service program will help you to achieve your business objectives in Japan. International expansion to Japan is never an easy task due to the difference in language, social system and business protocols, which may become obstacles in achieving success. At the same time, the total cost of such an expansion can be extraordinary and employing someone who is capable of and experienced with setting up a business operation in Japan is a major challenge.

International Incubation is devoted to address all of these issues associated with going abroad. You will appreciate convenience and quality of our service customized to meet your needs in Japan at an affordable price.

Our service includes the following:

  • Establishment and Maintenance of Japanese Subsidiary, Branch or Rep Office:
    We can help you with setting up your Japanese entity and office.
  • Professional Service:
    Our affiliates include reputable law firms, accounting firms and tax service companies with English-Japanese bilingual professional staff.
  • Sales:
    We can generate sales and trade leads in Japan for your products and services.
  • Purchasing and Procurement:
    We can help you in locating Japanese vendors, manufacturers and wholesalers for your purchasing and procurement needs.
  • Contract Negotiation:
    We can negotiate contracts on your behalf under your specific instructions or accompany you to negotiations as your advisor and interpreter.
  • Dispute Resolution, Claim Settlement and Collection:
    We can endeavor to amicably resolve your disputes and outstanding issues with business partners, customers, suppliers, venders and licensees in Japan.

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