The following are our recent experiences related to helping Japanese companies doing businesses in the United States as well as American companies doing businesses with Japanese companies in the U.S.:
  • Represented a publicly-traded technology-based company in Japan in its acquisition of a Seattle internet entertainment company to use American products and technologies in Japan, and at the same time, to distribute Japanese contents in the U.S. market. We identified potential target companies, selected the final target, and assisted negotiating the acquisition transaction.
  • Represented a global travel company headquartered in Los Angeles, which is owned by one of the largest travel companies in Japan, in its cash acquisition of a travel company in California. We searched acquisition targets, and negotiated the acquisition transaction.
  • Represented a Japan-based global service company in its joint venture with an IT company in California to develop industry specific software. We advised structuring of the JV transaction and negotiated various transactional documents.
  • Represented a Japanese-owned Seattle-based multinational food processing and distribution company in its liquidation-reincorporation transaction. Additionally, we represented the company’s sale of its Hawaiian operation. We advised and structured the transactions.
  • Represented Japanese investors in their multimillion-dollar investments in a Seattle-based local bank in connection with the bank’s private offering. We selected the investment target, reviewed offering documents, and negotiated the investments.
  • Represented a Japanese investor in its early-stage investment in a New York-based online financial information company. We conducted due diligence investigations and assisted negotiating the investment. We also negotiated a licensing of the California company’s technology to be used in Japan.
  • Represented a Los Angeles investment company in its investment in a Japanese company expanding to the U.S., which is in the business of operating a chain of upscale retail shops. We identified the target investee company and negotiated the investment.
  • Represented a U.S. company trying to divest its foreign assets including mines in connection with its corporate restructuring. We assisted negotiating the sale of the mines to a Japanese natural resource company that is publicly-traded in Tokyo.
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